Based in Scottsdale, Arizona ECOPATH Contracting is a premier provider of asphalt rubber blending services. We provide complete asphalt rubber blending services; these allow the HMA producer to confidently hook up to our Asphalt Rubber blending Plant and produce the specified material at the desired rate of production.

ECOPATH Contracting also boasts mix design and binder design capabilities, as well as in situ Haake viscometer testing equipment. This comprehensive service package ensures the compatibility of the asphalt rubber binder we produce, in addition to providing ease of mind to the contractor and paver that the specified material will be provided on time and within budget.

One of the key components behind the consistency of ECOPATH Contracting blending services lies in the technical support that the blending plants receive. The mechanical engineers responsible for the construction of ECOPATH equipment are also part of the technical team addressing equipment maintenance. In addition ECOPATH Contracting has a specialized staff of paving specialists who have worked in the industry for more than 20 years. We believe that this combination provides a competitive advantage, which ultimately translates to more cost savings for the contractor and materials producer.

ECOPATH does not endorse or condone the product EZ –lime™ or its utilization process, and was not a part of its development.

Mix And Binder Design

Due to the chemical complexities of asphalt, specifications have been developed around physical property tests. These physical property tests provide information regarding the physical properties of the asphalt at specified temperatures. Such tests are vital in establishing the suitability of an asphalt binder for a specific application. Prior to laying the asphalt rubber on the ground, it is standard for a number of laboratory procedures to be followed in order to ensure that both the asphalt binder and the pavement will perform as desired.

Both binder design and mix design yield vital information regarding the composition of the asphalt pavement. The binder design establishes the properties of the asphalt binder, while the mix design of the asphalt rubber pavement involves the production of sample asphalt specimens to identify the optimum concentration of asphalt/modified asphalt to be used in the pavement.

ECOPATH provides engineering services for:

  • Designing modified asphalts from locally available raw materials to fulfill different climate / state DOT / country specifications
  • Engineering problem solving (e.g. modifier-asphalt incompatibility issues)
  • Economic analysis of modified asphalt feasibility.

Asphalt mixture laboratory.

Please contact us for further information on binder and mix design services.

ECOPATH does not endorse or condone the product EZ –lime™ or its utilization process, and was not a part of its development.

Replacement Parts

Part replacement for various asphalt equipment.Rubberized asphalt blending equipment utilizes specialized parts and components that may or are not commonly used with other modified asphalt blending equipment. It’s important that the right parts be used to maintain consistent, trouble free operation.

ECOPATH has access to a wide selection of parts to support the equipment that we have put into service. Whether your equipment is manufactured by ECOPATH or another manufacturer, call us for all your service needs.

Whether there is a high priority ‘rush’ order or there is a need for purchasing back up parts, contact ECOPATH today.

Maintenance And Service

Maintenance and service of rubberized asphalt blending equipment (as well as other asphalt equipment) is a very important consideration to ensure consistent trouble free operation. Rubberized asphalt blending equipment has special requirements that are best understood by people experienced with this type of equipment.

ECOPATH has experienced service technicians who can assist with virtually any maintenance or service issue that may arise. Whether it is rubberized asphalt blending equipment or other conventional or specialized asphalt equipment, ECOPATH can help.

For immediate service issues, developing a maintenance schedule, troubleshooting over the phone or any other technical issues, give ECOPATH a call today.

Safety Program

Asphalt rubber blending equipment needs to be treated with the utmost importance with respect to safety considerations, as does all asphalt equipment. There are numerous components that are heated with circulating hot oil, many moving components and other various components and systems that can prove dangerous if they are not treated with caution.

ECOPATH can assist with identifying possible hazards and planning safety programs that will minimize the risk of operating this equipment. Call ECOPATH today and we can help you work and operate equipment in the safest way possible. We believe that safety should always be a priority.